Exhibition models

May 14, 2014

Nina Vuga, Jure Sadar, Alban Bislimi, Laura Sattin, and Jovana Miljanić are hard at work producing the large and atmospheric section models of Hotel Fjord, Kayak Club “Galeb,” Spomen Dom, and Dom Revolucije that will be exhibited in Venice at Treasures in Disguise—the Montenegro Pavilion. Here is a sneak peek of the renderings being used to help build them!



Model of the Montenegro Pavilion in Venice, showing the placement of the section models. Each model is big enough to get its own room.

01 Dom 01 view 1

01 Dom 01 view 2Renderings of the model of Dom Revolcuije


01 Galeb 01 view 4

01 Galeb 01 view 2Renderings of the model of Kayak Club “Galeb”


hotel fjord

01 hOTEL 01 view 2Renderings of the model of Hotel Fjord

01 Spomen 01 view 4

01 Spomen 01 view 2  Renderings of the Spomen Dom model


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