Countdown to Venice—3 days!

June 2, 2014
Three more days left until the opening of the Montenegro Pavilion, and our team in Venice is making great progress building the Treasures in Disguise exhibition. Here’s a visual update from Venice!


IMG_8746Alban Bislimi, Jovana Miljanić, Jure Sadar, Laura Sattin, Chiara Paone, Jacopo Tiso, Nina Vuga, and Elena Zadra are working together on the models and the exhibition
IMG_8700The section model of Dom Revolucije, with the building’s indoor amphitheater clearly in view
IMG_8772Images of Dom Revolucije’s existing condition are glued on the model, showing some of the graffiti in the unfinished and abandoned building
IMG_8949Working on the section model of Spomen Dom, both from within and outside the model
IMG_8957The model of Spomen Dom is large enough to fill up one of the rooms at the Montenegro Pavilion and provides ample views of the building’s interior
IMG_8846Working in the sunny courtyard of the Palazzo Malipiero; come join us for the pavilion opening here!

Click here for more images of the team’s progress!


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