Treasures in Disguise Flag

June 2, 2014

The screen-printed Treasures in Disguise flags for the Montenegro Pavilion have been produced in Berlin and are on their way to Venice! The flags, which were designed by Berlin-based designers Belgrad, play on not only the name Montenegro, the “black mountain,” but also the lasting legacy of the Venetian rule of the area. The Republic of Venice was a nation of seafarers; sailing across the Adriatic from their island capital, they dominated the current coast of Montenegro and traded with Kotor, then an independent nation state, for four centuries starting from 1420. Venetian culture had a great influence on the Adriatic as a whole and Montenegro in particular; that legacy is perhaps most evident in the country’s name, Montenegro, which is a Venetian calque of Crna Gora (click here to learn about the name’s origin). Today, too, Montenegro is known for its picturesque coastal area, 295 kilometers long, and dramatic mountain range that plunges into the Adriatic Sea.




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